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 Different types of Neuropathy

Every part of the human body is connected with nerves. If a nerve not functioning well then you might fell in some health issue. Any type of malfunction of a nerve may occur due to some disease or it might be for an injury. Mainly types of neuropathy depend on the place of the affected nerve.

What causes Neuropathy?

Damage might occur due to injuries, infection or vitamin deficiency. Nerve misbalance that cause due to diabetes is known as diabetic neuropathy. The risk of diabetic neuropathy occurs with the increase of age. Those who are suffering from diabetes for a long time or those who are fatty might fall in diabetic neuropathy.

Sometimes due to lack of Vitamin B in your body, your nerves might get affected. Like diabetes, if you are suffering from the autoimmune disease as lupus, arthritis can damage your nerves. Apart from disease if you are infected by a virus that causes HIV, Lyme or leprosy can also put severe damage to nervous system.

Some neuropathic disease may occur by born. The genetic disorder often may rise to neuropathy. An example of genetic neuropathy disease is Charcot-Marie-Tooth.

Sometimes protein deposit in the between organ and tissue which rises to amyloidosis. If it happens then it may damage some parts of your organ which day by day leads to severe condition.

When a huge amount of waste products accumulate in your kidney through blood then it leads to another disease known as Uremia that also affects your nerves. Sometimes even due to heavy drugs, toxin, poison and medication can also cause neuropathy.

Tumor which is now becoming a general and most common disease also can cause certain neuropathy disease. Tumors that occur in nerves or near to nerves put heavy pressure on nerves that cause this fatal disease.

Finally, if you have met with a severe accident then there is a possibility of nerve damage. Due to injury, some parts of nerves get blocked that provides high pressure on nerves of the organ that may damage the functionalities which lead to neuropathy disease.

So you all might have understood what causes neuropathy. As I have said above that types of neuropathy depends upon the place where nerves are affected. So now I am going to share some details about different types of Neuropathy.

Different Types of Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy

When nerves of human spinal cord or brain damage it leads to Peripheral Neuropathy. All the nerves of brain and spinal cord in our body are a part of the Peripheral nervous system. When those nerves are affected then it may damage functionalities of too, feet, finger, hands, and legs.

Cranial Neuropathy

When the cranial nerves of body are damaged or affected then it rises to cranial neuropathy. If any related nerves is affected or damaged then it may make you blind and even deaf.

Autonomic Neuropathy

If any nerve of our body involuntary nervous system is damaged or affected for any cause then it may cause autonomic neuropathy. If it happens, nerves those are responsible circulating blood on heart, helps in digestion, perspiration, sexual response and much more will automatically start behaving abnormally.

Focal Neuropathy

If due to any type of disease or injury nerves of head are affected then it will cause Focal Neuropathy. If it is so then it gradually will disable some body parts as legs, torso and leads to severe joint pain.

So if you are suffering from any types of symptoms of neuropathy then consult immediately with a doctor. Our nervous system is the key thing and if for any cause any nerve is affected then it may lead to neuropathic disease that I have listed above. I think from this content you might have gathered some idea about the cause and different types of neuropathy.