Complications of Neuropathy

Neuropathy is a complicated problem that some people are facing. Neuropathy problem is related to problems in nerves due to damage or for any type of infection. In the human body, there are two types of nervous system Central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. Every signal in our body is transmitted through a nerve. Any damage or disruption in the peripheral nervous system may cause many complications of Neuropathy.

Different Cause and Complication of Neuropathy

As I have said neuropathy mainly occurs due to changes of functionalities in a peripheral system that includes Sensory nerves that carry messages to brain from sensory organ. Sometimes it also affects motor nerves that control the movement of muscles and autonomic nerves that control involuntary functions of the body.

Not only this, sometimes the complication of neuropathy showed on some specific nerves that control the movement of some specific organs which collectively known as mononeuropathy. Some examples of this neuropathy listed below.

  • Peroneal neuropathy affects nerves that control your knee functionality.
  • If neuropathy affects your neck then it is called Cervical neuropathy.
  • Radial neuropathy often affects your arms.

Neuropathies disease might inherit by birth or later. As per study, there are more than hundred different types of neuropathy that occurs due to issues on the Peripheral nervous system. Sometimes it is very difficult to figure out the exact cause of neuropathy. But there are some common neuropathic complications as physical trauma, infection, systemic disease and much more.

Sometime neuropathy may arise due to the virus or bacterial infection that attracts tissue of nerves. HIV, Leprosy, Diphtheria, Lyme, Shingles are some infection that affects nerves. Further due to neuropathic disease your body healthy tissue and immunity system affected which affects nerve and causes Lupus, multiple sclerosis and much more.

Now I am listing together some health complication that you feel when you are affected by any types of neuropathic disease. So read the below content and have a brief idea about the several complications of neuropathy in your body.

  • The levels of toxic material will increase in your body which affect severely on your body.
  • You will also feel some complication in your liver due to chemical imbalances in the body.
  • Pressure on nerves will increase and also some body parts will swell.
  • It also leads to some hormonal disease with disturbance in the metabolic process.
  • Due to heavy pressure on nerve fibers sometimes it leads to tumors and cancers.
  • It will damage the tissue of the nerve that will cause inflammation in your body.
  • Neuropathy will decrease the oxygen level that causes blood disease and blood vessel damage.
  • You will feel numbness in body parts and you will have no sense of that particular body organ.
  • Due to numbness on feet, it becomes an easy target for many infections. If you are infected by any infection then it will take time to heal which rise gangrene or foot ulcers.

If you are affected by neuropathic disease then you will experience several issues with your health. Some might are serious and some are not but still you need to check and take proper medicine for that.  There are many complications of neuropathy which re possible to enclose in an article. Here the complications or symptoms of neuropathy those I have enlisted are major. If you are facing any of the above-mentioned complication then quickly contact a doctor before it gets miserable.

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