All You need to know about neuropathy

Neuropathy, as commonly known as vexing disorder, is a common disease faced by over millions US citizen every year. This disease can really affect the patient physically as well as mentally. The Peripheral Neuropathy causes the nerves to interpret wrong information of receptor “PAIN” to the brain which doesn’t even exist. So a person who is suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy will experience pain in their body where they don’t have any kind of pain or injury at all. This causes mental as well as physical disorders as the person may shout in pain and suffer mental illness throughout day and night.

There are precautions that you can take when before the situation of this diseases increases but you have known all about its detail and symptoms in advance to understand the disorder.

Before we start of with detailed things which you have to know about Neuropathy, let us have a look the causes of the disorder first.

Causes of Neuropathy Disorder:

There are different causes of Neuropathy Disorder like Caused due to Systemic illness, due to an injury in head, due to genetic and hereditary disorder, due to infection that destroyed some of the brain cells, due to high blood pressure, caused due to aging (over 40), due to diabetes, being Overweight is a major factor that contributes to Peripheral Neuropathy.

Now that you know about the causes of the Neuropathy disorder, let us have a look the symptoms that you have to look out for to understand whether you or someone else has the Peripheral neuropathy disorder.

Symptoms of Neuropathy:

There a handful of symptoms that a person may face when they are suffering from different stages of Peripheral Neuropathy disorder. Few of the symptoms are like Few of the symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy are like Tingling feeling in hands and feet, Pinching or stabbing pain, Hand and feet may feel numb now and then, Hands and legs tend to lock up or may feel heavy for no reason, Due to no reason you lose grip on things in hand, Skin turns thin, Sudden dropping in blood pressure, Erectile Dysfunction in men, Excessive Sweating due to no reason, Diarrhea, Digestion and constipation problems.

So there were the symptoms that one would face when suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy. If you are facing this illness together then seek for medical attention immediately.

If you are willing to know more about Neuropathy in detail then go through the below mentioned “All about Neuropathy that you should know about”.

All you need to Know about Neuropathy:

  1. A Person suffering from Neuropathy may not know that they have this disorder if they don’t pay proper attention to the symptoms of a disorder.
  2. Peripheral Neuropathy disorder is caused due to all the everyday common diseases so if you are having diabetes or high blood pressure then take the immediate effort to understand whether you would have Neuropathy by consulting a doctor.
  3. Don’t take painkiller when you have Peripheral Neuropathy. This applies to people who know they have PN or not.
  4. A person suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy will need both mental as well as physical as the disease leave the person feeling unwanted and as no one can help them from getting rid of the pain. This can hardly affect a person who lives alone, so if you are suffering from this disease or know someone who is suffering the same then take step towards beginning with the people who love you.

So these is all about Peripheral Neuropathy that you might want to know about. And as I have said earlier. If you see multiple symptoms of the diseases then get medical attention right away. Hope this was helpful to help you understand Peripheral Neuropathy a step ahead.

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